FHMS Services

Frequently Asked Questions

I ran out of refills on my medication. What do I do?

We try to supply enough refills on your scripts to last until your next appointment, but if you do run out before your next scheduled appointment, contact your pharmacy. We participate with E-Rx electronic prescription refill system. Your pharmacy will submit an electronic request to our office for your script. If you require a written script (for mail order or controlled substances), please call our office and request your script.

I don’t have insurance. Do you have a discount program for patients without insurance?

Yes, we have put in place a sliding fee discount program for qualified patients. The fee schedule is based upon federal poverty guidelines. You may fill out an application to apply for this discount program.

My provider ordered lab work/diagnostic testing. How do I get the results?

Your provider will review your results and mail them to you. If there are abnormal results that need immediate attention, you will be called by a nurse. If you have not received your results after two weeks have passed, please call the office to inquire about them.

I am moving and need my records transferred to my new healthcare provider. How do I transfer them

Due to strict privacy laws, a Medical Records Release form will need to be signed by you, giving us permission to transfer a copy of your records to your new healthcare provider. You can print the form off or stop by any office to pick one up.

I have misplaced/need a copy of my child’s immunization record. How can I get a copy of it?

We have record of your child’s immunizations right in their chart. You can stop by any of our offices and request a copy of them.

I have misplaced my lab/x-ray order. What do I do?

We have a copy of your lab/x-ray order in your chart. You can call the office and have us fax it to the facility you are going to use, or you can stop by any of the offices to pick up a copy.

My provider said that I would be referred to a specialist. How will I be notified of my appointme

Your provider will forward a request to our referrals department. The referrals department will contact your insurance to obtain authorization (if it is required). They will also contact the specialist’s office to set up an appointment for you. You will receive a letter in the mail that will give you your appointment date and time.

I forgot to ask my provider something. Do I need to schedule another appointment?

If you need to ask the provider a simple question, or clarify something the provider told you, we can handle that over the phone in most cases. When calling, let the receptionist know that you have a non-urgent question for your provider. The receptionist will forward your question to the nurse. If needed, the nurse will relay your question to the provider before calling you with an answer.