FHMS Patient Information

FHMS Patient Portal Help

This is a new efficient and effective way to communicate with our office

You must request a "Patient Portal Activation Letter" at any of our locations. It is important that you read the "Patient Portal Activation Letter" and follow the instructions carefully before you can login through the Patient Portal on our website.

Points to Remember....

  • Please remember that we cannot provide electronic medical care. If you have a medical problem that needs immediate attention or if it is an emergency, please dial 911
  • Please remember that any communication should be about you and not a family member
  • Keep questions concise and to the point
  • Remember to check your email for any updates regarding your Patient Portal messages, appointment and medical history

How To Setup Your Patient Portal Account

  1. First Time Users: Click on "New User - Activate patient portal account"
    patient portal home
  2. Fill in your Personal Information and Login Information
    **You will need to remember your Login and your Password that you have created....You will need this to Log into the Patient Portal.
    patient portal login in information
  3. Next - Please fill in: Security Information and Site Id and Phrase
    patient portal security info
  4. Click "Submit"

Login to our Patient Portal