Patient - Centered Medical Home

Family Health Medical Services Receives important National Recognition as NCQA Certified Medical Home

As of January 2012, our three offices in Mayville and Jamestown (Dunham and Prather) were awarded the highest level (level 3) of recognition for Patient Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality, by recognizing the vital role the clinicians play in advancing quality care.

Principles of a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

The PCMH is a model of healthcare based on an ongoing, personal relationship between a patient, provider and the patient’s care team of receptionists, nurses, technicians and billing personnel.

Personal Provider - each patient has an ongoing relationship with a personal physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant trained to provide initial, continuous and comprehensive care as well as acute issues that may arise.

Physician directed medical practice – the physician leads a team of individuals at the practice level who collectively take responsibility for the ongoing care of patients.

Whole person orientation – the personal provider is responsible for providing for all the patients’ health care needs or takes responsibility for appropriately arranging care with other qualified professionals. This includes care for all stages of life: acute care, chronic care, preventive services, and end of life care.

Care is coordinated and/or integrated – across all elements of the complex health care system and the patient’s community. Care is coordinated to assure that patients get the care they need when and where they want it in an appropriate manner. It takes into account their cultural and language needs.

Patient centered practices are taking hold in communities across the country to achieve what the healthcare reform movement refers to as the Triple Aim:

  1. Improve quality of care and overall health
  2. Provide better access to health care and increased satisfaction with care
  3. Reduce unnecessary costs for healthcare

As part of a our Patient Centered Medical Home, you will be

  • Asked to pick a Primary Care Provider
  • Asked to review your medications at every visit
  • Screened for important health issues that may not yet be diagnosed (including mental health)
  • Asked to assist in updating your medical record to include recent test results and information from specialist and other providers
  • Informed of coordinated care efforts by all providers in the practice for health screenings and acute care
  • Provided with a review of a personal care plan and health goals
  • Cared for using Evidence Based Guidelines (nationally recognized standards of care)
  • Provided with 24 hour access to our providers
  • Provided with same day appointments when you are sick
  • Notified of test results that your provider has ordered
  • Referred to specialist or community resources when necessary
  • Instructed in areas for self care management
  • Given directions for internet access to a secure patient portal for direct communication to your provider or practice

Your responsibilities for your satisfaction with our practice and your health care

  • Call the office for any issues or concerns 24/7. Use the patient portal for non-urgent issues only.
  • Make your provider aware of your entire medical history
  • Tell your doctor of all medications, vitamins, and supplements you take
  • Take all medication as prescribed or call your doctor if you plan to stop or change the way you are taking your medicine
  • Keep all appointments as scheduled including any specialist to which you have been referred. If you are unable to keep an appointment please call 24 hours in advance
  • Consult your provider before making appointments with a specialist or visiting an Urgent care or Emergency room (unless it is a true emergency)
  • Contact your provider within 48 hours of urgent care or emergency room visits to update them with any changes in your treatment or to schedule any necessary follow up appointments
  • Offer suggestions for improving the care that we give

The Patient Centered Medical Home is our opportunity as a Family Practice to continually improve the care that we give. We have the tools, systems and resources to provide patients with the right care at the right time. Our work is not over with this recognition. We will continue to find better ways to care for our patients and improve the way we do business. With the use of surveys, suggestion boxes and our intention to build a Patient Advisory Board, we invite input from patients themselves on ways to improve our care.